Pursuing educational dreams
Our scholarships help high school and college students continue their education and prepare for a career. Enabling young people to pursue their educational dreams is one of the most effective ways to support and ultimately impact these communities. 
Opportunities for a Better Life
We provide scholarships to about 100 secondary and post-secondary students so that they can pursue their dreams of completing their education and have opportunities for a better life for them and their families.
Our “becados” (scholarship recipients) document their enrollment, grades, and perform community service in exchange for their scholarships. We believe engagement and giving back is an important aspect of building a strong and vibrant community. They work hard and sometimes spend 3-4 hours on transportation each day.
It is so rewarding to see the success these becados achieve. Many go on to start successful careers. Some also continue to help the younger students in the pueblos to follow in their footsteps.
You can help!
You can support the becados in our scholarship program by making a monthly donation to Maya Missions.
Thank you for helping make this world a better place!