After School Programs
Helping young students succeed in school
Our after school programs help young students be more successful in their primary school, opening up more opportunities for life-changing choices. Our waiting list in one of the pueblos is a testament to the value families see in the help we provide.
Building confidence in learning
Students in the 5 villages are often working far below grade level and need extra attention to reinforce school curriculum and achieve educational advancement. 
We begin working with students as young as 3 or 4 and continue through middle school age by providing individualized lessons, homework assistance and fun social activities.  Sometimes the kids just need a safe, positive and supportive environment during these critical afternoon hours. 
We typically provide 2-3 teachers to manage the afterschool programs in each village.  Students attend according to age for 2 hours each afternoon.
You can help!
You can support our after school programs by making a donation to Maya Missions.
Thank you for helping make this world a better place!